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A Logical Approach to Environmental Consulting

July 5, 2022

Envirologic was founded by our CEO, Jeff Hawkins, in 1989. At the time, Jeff was 28 years old with five years working in the environmental consulting industry under his belt. He had no experience running a company — only a passion for his craft and the desire to do right by his customers.

When deciding on a name for the newly incorporated company, Jeff chose Envirologic in the hope that it would convey how he wanted to utilize a logical approach to conduct environmental consulting services. Over 33 years later, Envirologic continues to uphold Jeff’s initial vision by finding and implementing logical solutions to our clients’ challenges. In an interview for our 30th anniversary, Jeff said the most exciting projects he works on are those that have many roadblocks or barriers standing in the way of project completion — because these challenging, complex projects are where our team truly shines. By approaching these projects logically and utilizing staff’s past experience and the tools available to us, Envirologic is able to find ways around roadblocks to achieve a successful outcome.

One way that Envirologic conducts projects logically is by positioning ourselves as not just another vendor, but as a project partner. From our very first interaction with clients, Envirologic strives to approach projects from our client’s perspective — What is the client’s vision? What are their end goals for the project? With the client’s unique end in mind, our project managers anticipate outcomes and next steps in the early stages of multi-phase projects to maximize efficiency while minimizing costs. Where possible, the Envirologic team also endeavors to offset the cost of environmental and brownfield conditions at properties by utilizing grants and loans, tax increment financing, and other creative funding mechanisms.

In addition to our logical approach to project work, Jeff has also emphasized integrity as one of Envirologic’s core overarching business principles. Since the beginning, he and co-owner David Warwick have ensured everything we’ve done at Envirologic has been done with integrity. They want clients to know that they can count on us not only to consistently provide a high level of service, care, and knowledge, but also to perform our services in an honest and ethical way. It’s part of our vision: we Do Good Work to Do Good. According to Jeff, the primary reasons for Envirologic’s success and longevity have been our consistent logical approach to environmental issues, coupled with the respect and integrity shown by our staff.


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