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Vapor Intrusion

Vapor Pin and Soil Gas Well Sampling

August 3, 2022

Due to the volatile nature of solvent and petroleum-related contaminants, the volatilization to indoor air pathway (VIAP) is often relevant during an environmental investigation at a manufacturing facility, dry cleaner, or gas station. The concern is that vapors, which off-gas from a contaminant body, will seep into a building and create unsafe conditions for the

The Challenge of Repurposing Contaminated Land

Environmental Construction Managment

February 10, 2022

Today’s construction industry faces a multitude of new and potentially challenging issues. One such challenge is the use and repurposing of contaminated land for building and development. When performing construction and demolition planning, and implementation activities on these properties, it is imperative that the potential for environmental hazards and chemical exposures associated with this work

How can vapor intrusion & indoor air inhalation affect my real estate purchase?

Understanding Vapor Intrusion Risks and Liability

July 15, 2021

If your business has had a chemical release or if you have been involved in the transfer or purchase of commercial or industrial real estate, you have probably heard the terms “Vapor Intrusion” and “Indoor Air Inhalation.” Vapor intrusion (VI) is the migration of volatile chemicals from petroleum and industrial solvents, buried wastes, or contaminated

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