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Evaluating the GSI Pathway

June 16, 2022

When a contaminated site is located near a surface water body, there is a risk of contaminants in groundwater migrating into a lake or stream. If this is a potential route of conveyance, the Groundwater Surface Water Interface (GSI) pathway is taken into consideration during an exposure pathway evaluation. Since contaminant concentrations in groundwater do

Women's History Month, Celebrating Women in Science & Engineering

Celebrating Women in Science & Engineering

March 21, 2022

Women have always made an impact in the sciences, but we haven’t always celebrated their important discoveries, contributions, and accomplishments. During Women’s History Month, Envirologic would like to spotlight a few you may not know who have impacted the environmental and earth sciences. Ellen Swallow Richards, born in 1842, was trained as a chemist and the

Managing Risks, Protecting Assets

Managing Risks, Protecting Assests

February 1, 2022

A vital part of successfully running a company is ensuring compliance with state and federal environmental regulations. This is important for asset preservation, risk management and reduction, employee and public health, and protection of the environment. Failing to remain in compliance can result in a loss of customer confidence or loyalty, lost efficiencies, damage to

Top Four Articles of 2021

The Best of 2021!

January 25, 2022

What did our clients and website visitors read on our site last year? A collection of interesting articles, full of useful information — but there were four articles that enjoyed the highest readership: Asbestos Misconceptions The Reason Behind Our Stress-Reliever Frogs Phase I Environmental Site Assessments: 2021 Update Underground Storage Tank Removal and Closure Process

The Underground Storage Tank Removal and Closure Process

September 9, 2021

Regulated underground storage tanks (USTs) are required to be decommissioned if they are out of service for more than one year. USTs that are discovered during site redevelopment should also be promptly removed to eliminate the owner’s liability for potential contamination. Envirologic has developed a full-service UST management program that is designed to help clients

Data Quality Objectives

Collecting the Right Data for Informed Decision-Making

August 10, 2021

Environmental work inherently involves unknown conditions that require sampling and data collection to understand the nature of contamination and determine how best to address associated risks. Data Quality Objectives (DQOs) enable environmental professionals to clearly define data needs, the purpose of the data, and the decisions that will be made based on the data generated.

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