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Celebrating All Women

March 29, 2022

Because of societal “norms,” men tended to be recognized and provided the opportunity to “make” history more than women. My mom was a perfect example of this, as my dad was a prominent doctor in our town while she raised our family and ran the household. I am not taking anything away from my dad’s accomplishments, but I would not be where I am today without my mother. She brought me into the world, cared for me, nurtured me, tried to set an example and sacrificed for me. She was not “great” in the sense of changing the world or being recognized, but her impact on my own personal world was profound. Even without any empirical data, I know with certainty that most men and women recognize the same in their mothers.

As we celebrate and honor Women’s History Month, I don’t want to belittle the significant accomplishments, courage, intelligence and leadership many famous women contributed to our world. But I also want to elevate the many mothers that similarly had significant accomplishments, courage, intelligence and leadership in their worlds, albeit perhaps not noteworthy from society’s perspective.

Over my 61 years, it is refreshing to see the many women that have succeeded in their endeavors and provided so many wonderful contributions to our society. I am proud of my wife, my daughters and the women at Envirologic — seeing them flourish in their endeavors and continue to overcome the challenges they face in the “manly norms” of society. Their legacies too will be celebrated from generation to generation whether they pursued a career, raised a family, cured cancer or traveled to Mars.

Women of history, thank you for your many contributions to our world. And women of today and the future, thank you for what you do every day; you are history in the making for sure!

Jeff Hawkins, CEO

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