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Demolition Consulting and Oversight Services

August 23, 2022

Whether our clients are a private property owner, municipality, or developer, they appreciate that Envirologic offers a suite of comprehensive environmental services to assist with their project needs from planning to redevelopment. Having a consistent partner in each step of the environmental assessment and redevelopment process creates a streamlined, comprehensive approach that has been an invaluable asset to our clients.

Projects involving demolition services require another layer of assessment, coordination, and a team of professionals. Envirologic has over three decades of experience providing demolition consulting and oversight services for multiple industries and building types including industrial, commercial, municipal, and multi-family. During these projects, our role is to help clients accomplish their objective of building demolition — safely, on budget, and on time.

Prior to demolition, one of our accredited professionals can perform a hazardous materials building survey to identify whether lead, asbestos, radon, and/or universal wastes are present. If hazardous materials are identified during the assessment surveys, Envirologic will provide abatement recommendations and incorporate an abatement plan into the demolition specifications and contract bidding.

During the demolition phase, the demolition professionals will demonstrate that their portion of the work is in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. Envirologic acts as the property owner’s “boots on the ground” to monitor compliance with the demolition specifications and thus ensures work is completed to the owner’s satisfaction. Envirologic has years of experience working with state and federal agencies and can assist in communication if any guidance is needed on complex projects. We work with the demolition contractor to ensure their processes involve a thorough safety evaluation, inclusive of construction personnel safety in regard to hazardous materials exposure, as well as protecting the surrounding environment and any structures that will remain on the property. Envirologic is present to conduct any environmental assessment sampling that is needed during the demolition phase.

We understand that these redevelopment projects are often important to the surrounding community; we are sensitive to a project’s local significance and can assist in outreach communications. Our comprehensive approach, which includes project status reporting, creates the tools needed for a successful project with respect to budget, timing, and desired outcomes. Our effective communication ensures that any challenges encountered throughout the project can be addressed in a swift and satisfactory manner.

Our first interaction with a client on a proposed project likely begins with property acquisition through conducting a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA). Any project involving redevelopment will likely have additional needs such as additional assessment, demolition oversight, and/or brownfield redevelopment services. Our clients appreciate being able to continue working with Envirologic through the subsequent phases of their project as they have come to count on our professionalism, knowledge of our craft, and nimbleness.

Envirologic has provided demolition oversight services for a variety of projects across Michigan. These projects range from interior demolition on commercial redevelopments, small-scale whole building demolition projects tucked within adjacent properties, to the full-scale demolition of a large resort in Michigan. For an example of these services in action, see our project overview for CityFlatsHotel in Port Huron, Michigan. For more information about our demolition oversight services or to discuss your unique project needs, contact Therese Searles, Dave Stegink or Jeff Hawkins. 


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