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Environmental Construction Managment

February 10, 2022

Today’s construction industry faces a multitude of new and potentially challenging issues. One such challenge is the use and repurposing of contaminated land for building and development. When performing construction and demolition planning, and implementation activities on these properties, it is imperative that the potential for environmental hazards and chemical exposures associated with this work is considered.

Envirologic’s project team works with developers, landowners, construction management firms, contractors, and municipalities through all phases of the construction process, from conception and acquisition to construction and occupancy. Our personnel are skilled at determining potential exposure hazards and implementing exposure mitigation and management strategies that comply with our clients’ due care obligations.

Our team also provides environmental compliance services on construction sites. These services include soil erosion and sedimentation control (SESC) inspections and documentation, excess soil management (characterization, what can be left on site, and disposal), abandoned container assessment and management, construction dewatering, and general due care compliance for construction activities, among others.

Listed below is a partial list of Environmental Construction Management services our team can provide. To learn more or discuss your specific project needs, please contact David Warwick, President, or connect with one of our other experienced team members at (269) 342-1100.

Construction Due Care Services

  • Determine exposure hazards for project site workers
  • ¬†Ambient air monitoring
  • Ensure proper personal protective equipment (PPE) for workers
  • Emergency response, abandoned container and underground storage tank assessment
  • Risk Management Plans (RMP)

Ecological Services

  • Soil erosion and sedimentation control (SESC) permit complianceWetland determinations, delineations, and permitting
  • Threatened & endangered species surveys and habitat assessments
  • Environmental inspections

Environmental Investigation Services

  • Sampling — groundwater, soil, soil-gas, debris piles, and waste
  • Investigation, remediation, and mitigation
  • ¬†Vapor intrusion investigation, mitigation, and system design and installation
  • Asbestos-related services

Types of Project Sites

  • Asbestos-related services
  • Industrial/manufacturing and bulk storage facilities
  • Decommissioned power plants
  • Municipal facilities
  • Energy/utilities/pipeline

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