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Evaluating Environmental Risk – Part Two

March 7, 2022

If a recognized environmental condition (REC), or a potential for contamination, has been identified through a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), a Phase II ESA may be conducted to confirm the presence of contamination associated with the identified REC. During the Phase II ESA, samples of various media (soil, groundwater, soil-gas) may be collected and analyzed to determine whether hazardous substances are present on the property. The Phase II ESA results are utilized to evaluate potential remedial liability and response activities that may be appropriate to mitigate risks. Phase II ESAs are normally completed during property transactions and restructured financing.

Envirologic’s infographic will help you understand the scope of a Phase II, additional assessment options and provides a Due Diligence flowchart.

View the complete infographic (PDF).

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Questions? Please contact our Manager of Due Diligence Services, Erik Peterson.

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