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Managing construction or redevelopment projects on industrial, contaminated, or pre-built land creates an additional layer of complexity. When performing construction planning, demolition, and implementation activities on these properties, it is imperative that the potential for environmental hazards and chemical exposures associated with this work be properly addressed. In addition, federal, state, and/or local regulatory requirements must be adhered to when initiating projects on land that is contaminated.

Envirologic’s project team works with developers, landowners, construction management firms, contractors, and municipalities through all phases of the construction process, from conception and acquisition to construction and occupancy. Our personnel are skilled at determining potential exposure hazards and implementing exposure mitigation and management strategies that comply with our clients’ due care obligations. Our responsive team provides real-time support, addressing issues that arise during a construction project. We also manage environmental investigations of soil and groundwater and provide environmental compliance and ecological services.

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