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Petroleum & Utilities

In 2022, Michigan was ranked as one of the top ten most populated states in the country. Due to the sheer size of its population, Michigan consumes and transports a large amount of energy. Envirologic has built a reputation for excellent service within the utility and petroleum industries. Our experience is diverse and includes providing environmental investigation and remediation services; monitoring compliance during petroleum pipeline placement, replacement, and repair; and performing leaking underground storage tank management, removal, and closure.

Within the petroleum industry, our clients trust us to provide compliance support, remediation, contaminant investigations, and various other services. For sites where a release has been identified, Envirologic approaches project work always with the end goal of obtaining regulatory closure for the incident in mind. Our Environmental Investigation Group stays on top of regulatory changes that affect petroleum facilities’ ability to operate, while also addressing regulatory issues at individual sites including vapor issues, non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPL), and groundwater-surface water interface concerns.

Envirologic also has a long history of serving the utility industry. From providing environmental investigation and remediation services on the industry’s legacy power generation facilities to supporting the development of new power distribution and pipeline corridors to land assembly and environmental due diligence efforts associated with wind power projects, Envirologic’s experience is extensive.

Our team is well versed in the health and safety standards of these industries, as well as the government regulations and permitting relevant for these types of projects. For over three decades, Envirologic has demonstrated the responsiveness needed when these systems are disrupted.

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