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Meet the Team | Therese Searles, Project Manager

June 16, 2021

Therese Searles is one of Envirologic’s talented Project Managers and has 11 years of experience working in the environmental consulting industry. As a Project Manager, Therese has primary responsibility for brownfield redevelopment projects and provides support to other Envirologic projects that can benefit from brownfield redevelopment financial incentives and tools. She also performs project work related to our asbestos, lead, and radon services.

Therese’s first job in the environmental industry involved conducting asbestos and lead-related field services and providing associated training. After her children were born, she took a brief break in her career to focus on her family and then went back to school to finish her bachelor’s degree. In 2016, Therese graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology and Environmental Studies, shortly after which she joined Envirologic’s staff as a Project Scientist. In this role, she assisted multiple municipalities and Brownfield Redevelopment Authorities with various brownfield services; she was promoted to a Project Manager in 2019. Therese is also an accredited Asbestos Inspector, a certified Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor, and a certified Radon Residential Measurement Provider.

Due to the nature of environmental consulting and the continuously shifting needs of clients, every day on the job is a little different for Therese. Some of her typical workday activities include communicating with clients and brainstorming solutions to unique and complex issues; authoring Brownfield Plans, asbestos surveys, and reporting documentation for municipal clients; coordinating the use of brownfield incentives and funding for specific projects; and supporting other Envirologic staff with complex due care projects. The most rewarding aspect of consulting work for Therese is learning more about our clients and their businesses — specifically, what they do and their project’s end goal — and then upon project completion knowing she helped them reach their objectives.

Therese’s favorite part of working at Envirologic is the people. She genuinely appreciates the community and support her team members provide, as well as the work culture our leadership has instilled through built-in training programs and readily available resources. Therese actively supports Envirologic’s sustainability efforts through her participation in our Sustainability Committee. She also engages in the Envirologic Rocket Team, an employee-led leadership team that fosters direct communication between leadership and employees on various internal initiatives.

Therese’s husband, Ron, currently works as the Electrical Inspector for the City of Portage. The couple spends most of their time outside of work with their family. They have four amazing children, Natasha, Ethan, Mia, and Elena; one son-in-law; and two grandsons. Therese also enjoys hiking, being in nature, exercising, and assembling science and nature-themed puzzles (an interest she rekindled during the coronavirus stay-at-home order and has since continued). Therese and Ron are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary this July 2021.

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