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Former Marysville Power Plant | Municipal Support for Change in Site Use

Former Marysville Power Plant


To support potential mixed-use residential/commercial redevelopment and provide additional options for uses of the former DTE Marysville Power Plant property, Envirologic assisted the St. Clair County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority in obtaining a Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) Brownfield Field Grant. Built in the 1920s, the 30-acre decommissioned power plant complex is prime waterfront real estate for revitalization. Three No Further Action (NFA) Reports for non-residential closure have been previously approved by EGLE for this property. The EGLE Brownfield Grant is being used for additional site investigation and assessment of the former power plant property, which is necessary to pursue EGLE approval to allow for potential mixed-use residential and commercial redevelopment. To facilitate redevelopment, the City of Marysville changed the property zoning to Planned Unit Development.


The project objectives are to remove the non-residential land use only restrictions on the property and determine future due care obligations for safe reuse. To accomplish this, more robust data is required to reevaluate potential exposure pathways from a residential use perspective. Of particular concern are the direct contact and volatilization to indoor air pathways.

To address these concerns, extensive soil sampling was conducted in March through May 2021 to comprehensively investigate the site for comparison to EGLE Part 201 Generic Residential Cleanup Criteria and Residential Volatilization to Indoor Air Pathway Screening Levels. Soil sampling included the use of incremental sample methodology for shallow soils (representative sampling for defined soil volumes) and discrete sampling (collection of soil samples at greater depths). Based on investigation results, new and/or revised NFA Report(s) are planned for submittal to EGLE to support reclassification of applicable portion(s) of the site from non-residential closure to unlimited or limited residential closures.

In addition, Envirologic will assist with determining due care obligations for any future development to properly manage soil, groundwater, and other potential exposure risks depending on the proposed use of the site.