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Stream Bank Restoration Monitoring

Stream Bank Restoration Monitoring

The Project

During construction activities at the site, extreme precipitation events caused flooding that resulted in a washout along a stream bank. The stream bank was restored to its previous position, and vegetation was planted over the impacted area. Over the course of two years, Envirologic conducted site inspections to document the stability of the restored stream bank and monitor the regrowth of vegetation.

Project Solution

In order to monitor the restoration area, a trained Envirologic Biologist performed multiple inspections at the site throughout the term of the project as required by the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE). The purpose of these inspections was to ensure the restoration solution was performing as expected and that the stream bank was stable.

During the inspections, Envirologic documented general site conditions and the level of vegetation re-establishment. Water samples were collected to compare the amount of sediment load upstream and downstream of the restored area to evaluate whether any excess erosion was occurring downstream of the restored area. Envirologic additionally set up photo stations across the project site to provide consistent reference points for long-term photo monitoring. Summary reports were prepared for the client following each site visit, at year end, and at project closeout to satisfy the submittal requirements outlined in the client’s restoration plan.

After two years of monitoring stream restoration efforts, Envirologic identified no discernable change in the stream bank or evidence indicating that significant erosion was occurring — even during the multiple high energy flooding events and extreme drought conditions experienced during the monitoring period.

The following photos show the restoration area throughout the term of the project, highlighting the regrowth of vegetation.

Stream restoration year 1, March

Year 1, March

Stream restoration year 1, September

Year 1, September








Stream restoration year 2, June

Year 2, June

Stream restoration year 2, July

Year 2, July