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Economic Development Consulting

Brownfield redevelopment can serve as a community and economic development strategy. Envirologic’s Brownfield Group works alongside communities, owners, and private developers to create realistic and achievable plans for redevelopment by understanding the client’s end goal. Connecting potential project partners and using a broad range of funding strategies and incentives ensures project viability. Although brownfield redevelopment projects can be complicated, leaving the sites and buildings vacant and blighted will limit other economic development opportunities that need to be addressed in a community.

Brownfield sites can be a drain on the local economy, and it can be difficult to find development partners for them. The uncertainty surrounding whether a brownfield is contaminated (and to what extent) acts as a major disincentive for investment in communities. However, brownfields often have locational and infrastructure advantages as well. With the development of these problematic sites, communities can:

  • Contribute to Smart Growth practices by reclaiming unused space and establishing new growth in areas that have existing infrastructure
  • Preserve historic and cultural icons important to community identity
  • Concentrate development, which can support a variety of businesses and community needs while preventing further sprawl
  • Improve environmental health through remediation of degraded, blighted, and contaminated buildings and land
  • Convert areas that are a drain on taxes and municipal services into financial assets through improved property values, higher property taxes, and new sources of revenue
  • Produce job creation for local workers
  • Improve taxable values for the surrounding properties
  • Enhance the health of the community