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Ecological Services

Envirologic’s team of experienced biologists and scientists can assist with planning and implementing projects that are protective of the environment, while avoiding unexpected costs and delays due to natural resource regulations and permitting. With over 30 years of experience in Michigan and the surrounding region, our team understands the uncertainties clients face when unexpected environmental challenges occur on a project. Envirologic has the expertise to help you navigate these hurdles to successfully meet your project goals.

We offer a broad range of ecological services (PDF), from Wetland Delineation to Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys and other biological assessments. Our team is also called upon by energy producers and transporters to monitor and document impacts on the environment resulting from (1) pipeline and transmission line placement or replacement and (2) the inspection and repair of energy-transportation infrastructure. During these activities, our role is to monitor compliance with applicable permits and client standard operating procedures to ensure minimal impact to the environment.


After fully understanding your needs, challenges, and end goals, Envirologic will partner with you to provide client-focused services. These services may include:

  • Field audits
  • Project planning and design
  • Site inspections during construction activities
  • Storm water compliance, field monitoring, and permitting
  • Compliance plans including Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Plans and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans

For a more in-depth overview of some of the ecological services we can provide, read our article “Managing Natural Resources on a Development Project.”


Examples of project sites that may require a permit include:

  • Subdivisions, industrial business parks, and new construction
  • Farms and food processing facilities
  • Utility corridors
  • Bridge, highway, and road construction
  • Cell tower installation and solar gardens
  • Wind power, alternative energy, and transmission lines
  • Petroleum and natural gas pipelines
envirologic can help with delineating wetland boundaries

Environmental Inspections

Envirologic provides Environmental Inspections to clients in energy production and transportation who are conducting pipeline and transmission line placement/replacement or inspection and repair of energy-transportation infrastructure. During these activities, one of Envirologic’s Environmental Inspectors (PDF) is on site to monitor and document environmental impacts, as well as ensure that the work performed complies with applicable permits and the client’s standard operating procedures. Pre-construction assessments and soil erosion and sedimentation control inspections are also conducted before, during, and after repair or replacement of the utility. These projects usually incorporate several of our other ecological services including Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys, wetland identification and delineation, and mitigation plans. Envirologic staff is additionally available 24/7 to provide emergency spill response to these clients.