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Environmental Permitting

Envirologic provides various environmental permit application development and permit compliance demonstration services to public and private entities. Permits are required to allow for new and existing industrial and agricultural activities to operate within certain limits to protect the environment. Typical sites that require environmental permitting include industrial, petroleum, transportation, utilities, construction, and agriculture. Envirologic’s Compliance Group has significant experience working with local, state, and federal agencies to develop permit applications for regulatory approval and implementation of permit compliance requirements.

Our clients come from various market sectors including manufacturing, agribusiness, utilities, and transportation. We provide the expertise necessary to ensure all permitting requirements are met while helping clients manage existing and potential liability associated with their environmental programs.


Envirologic always works with the client’s end goal in mind. We tailor our environmental permitting program to your needs and deliver a wide range of services, including:

  • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit applications
  • Air Permit to Install (PTI) applications
  • Negotiation and interaction with state and federal regulators
  • Permit compliance evaluations, demonstration, and recordkeeping
  • Determination of Emission Potential (Potential to Emit)
  • Preparation of Michigan Air Emissions Reporting System (MAERS) forms
  • Hazardous and solid waste management permits
  • Groundwater discharge permits
  • Industrial storm water permit applications and permit compliance (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans)
  • Construction storm water permit applications and SESC compliance monitoring
  • Wetlands permits