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Baseline Environmental Assessment

Since 1995, when Baseline Environmental Assessments (BEAs) were initially created through legislation, Envirologic’s Environmental Due Diligence Group has been conducting BEAs along with other necessary due diligence activities for a wide variety of clients and industries.

In Michigan, the preparation and disclosure of a BEA provides liability protection to the new owner and/or operator of a “Facility” or “Site” (i.e., contaminated property) for cleanup of contamination caused by others. Other states have different processes for conferring liability protection, and Envirologic is also experienced in many of these mechanisms.

When conducting and disclosing a BEA to the State of Michigan, there are critical time frames that must be met. A BEA must be completed within 45 days of the purchase, occupancy, or foreclosure of a contaminated property (i.e., becoming an owner or operator). The BEA must then be submitted to the state within six months from the date of purchase, occupancy, or foreclosure.

Envirologic recognizes these important dates at the beginning of a project, incorporating them into our scheduling process, and ensures that you as our clients are also aware of these dates and the impact they have on your projects.

As part of attaining and maintaining liability protection, all owners and operators of a “Facility” or “Site” must be able to demonstrate compliance with ongoing due care obligations associated with contaminant conditions on site — even if they are not liable for the contamination itself. These obligations largely involve preventing unacceptable exposures to contamination and ensuring contaminant conditions are not made worse by future site use. For additional information, learn about Envirologic’s due care services.

For a quick overview of our environmental due diligence services, Envirologic provides the following information sheets and flow charts to help you understand the steps we take when evaluating environmental risk.