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Due Care

Envirologic performs due care evaluations, prepares the relevant due care documentation, and determines cost-effective, innovative approaches (e.g., engineering controls, vapor intrusion mitigation systems, etc.) to achieve compliance as part of its environmental due diligence services.

Due care regulations ensure that contaminated properties are used safely. Demonstrating compliance with ongoing due care obligations is a requirement for all owners and operators of contaminated property, regardless of whether they are liable or non-liable for the contamination present on site. It is also a necessary requirement for maintaining the liability protection afforded through a Baseline Environmental Assessment (BEA). An owner or operator’s due care obligations largely involve preventing unacceptable exposures to contamination, making sure users of the property know that contamination is present, and ensuring current contaminant conditions are not made worse.

A critical component of demonstrating ongoing compliance with due care is maintaining appropriate documentation. For circumstances where it is necessary to gain concurrence from the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) that a property owner or operator is in compliance with their due care obligations, Envirologic can prepare a Documentation of Due Care Compliance (DDCC) report for EGLE review.

For a quick overview of our environmental due diligence services, Envirologic provides the following information sheets and flow charts to help you understand the steps we take when identifying and evaluating environmental risk.