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Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Envirologic’s environmental due diligence services include Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs). This multi-faceted assessment of a property provides a comprehensive evaluation of the environmental concerns and risks related to the property.

Phase I ESAs are most often conducted to support real estate acquisition and refinancing activities. Through completion of a Phase I ESA, new property owners and operators can satisfy All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI), demonstrate value and marketability of a property, and build a solid foundation upon which all other subsequent environmental due diligence and redevelopment planning may occur.

The scope of a Phase I ESA includes:

  • A thorough site inspection
  • Interviews with site personnel
  • Review of historical records
  • Review of public records from government agencies
  • Review of historical maps, photographs, and other documents
  • Review of environmental databases that may identify the subject property or surrounding sites
  • Computer-generated site diagrams
  • Comprehensive reporting documentation that includes professional judgment and recommendations

Multiple environmental concerns not included as part of the typical Phase I ESA may be assessed separately at the client’s request. Additional assessment services include asbestos, lead-based paint, mold, radon, vapor intrusion, and wetland surveys, among others. While these are considered non-scope items, they could still be of great relevance to the safe use and value of a property depending on the circumstances of the specific site.

Envirologic performs each Phase I ESA in accordance with a nationally recognized standard developed by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the U.S. EPA requirements for “All Appropriate Inquiry.” Our Environmental Due Diligence Group has conducted Phase I ESAs since Envirologic’s inception in 1989. Our team members meet U.S. EPA’s requirements for Environmental Professionals and have the necessary professional certifications (e.g., Accredited Asbestos Building Inspectors, Certified Lead Inspectors and Risk Assessors, Radon Professionals, Certified Wetland Delineators, etc.) to perform services outside of the traditional Phase I ESA scope.

If potential sources of contamination are determined through the course of a Phase I ESA, further steps are required to determine if there is contamination present, achieve liability protection for any pre-existing contamination, and identify due care obligations for the property owner or operator to follow going forward.

For a quick overview of our environmental due diligence services, Envirologic provides the following information sheets and flow charts to help you understand the steps we take when evaluating environmental risk.