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Environmental Investigation

Envirologic’s Environmental Investigation Group has more than 30 years of experience evaluating a broad range of contaminant situations, specializing in sampling and characterizing the many different elements of our natural and created environment. Our team of biologists, engineers, geoscientists, and environmental scientists has extensive technical experience assessing environmental conditions and eliminating the hazards that these conditions may present.

Environmental investigation requires the collection and interpretation of data within the context of static and changing conditions in a myriad of different environmental settings. The intent of environmental investigation is to collect data that will answer a question or solve a problem.

Envirologic is committed to providing innovative and effective assessment tools to help our clients answer their environmental questions and solve their environmental challenges. We have the environmental expertise and knowledge necessary to navigate regulatory requirements and best practices that govern environmental sampling and assessment.

Serving clients both large and small, Envirologic provides hydrogeological and contaminant investigations, remediation, vapor intrusion assessment and mitigation, risk-based corrective action evaluation, remedial actions, and hazardous materials assessments. We understand the complexity of investigating our environment and work hard to find the right science-based solution for your project. Our team has completed these services for a wide variety of market sectors including industry, transportation, petroleum, utilities, agribusiness, municipalities, government, and others.


Envirologic offers an extensive range of environmental investigation services, tailored to match your project needs. These services include:

Envirologic is proud to be a highly rated vendor within ISNetworld, an international supplier/ contractor verification company. ISN continuously collects and verifies our safety programs, business insurance, and regulatory information for various hiring clients to ensure that we meet their high standards.

underground tanks can fail and envirologic can help determine if that is happening

Envirologic Team Resources

Our company began in 1989. Since then, we have carefully selected team members to build a group of experts, each with their own skills and areas of concentration. Regardless of which experienced and educated team member you work with, there is a deep bench of knowledge backing them.

Our team member qualifications include:

  • Master’s degree level Biologists, Geologists, Hydrogeologists, and Engineer
  • Bachelor’s degree level Engineers, Field Hydrogeologists, and Geologists
  • Licensed Professional Engineer
  • 40-Hour HAZWOPER trained personnel
  • ASTM Risk-Based Corrective Action trained personnel

Explore our article entitled “Emerging Contaminants – What You Should Know” to understand what emerging contaminants are, how technology has improved the detection levels at lower concentrations, and how our team stays abreast of the latest identified emerging contaminants.