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Underground Storage Tank Assessment and Closure

Envirologic understands that the assessment, investigation, closure, and/or removal of underground storage tank (UST) systems can be an expensive and challenging process for many UST owners and operators due to the strict regulatory requirements involved. In an effort to reduce the concern associated with UST closure, Envirologic has developed a comprehensive program to help clients address the many aspects of compliance involved with these projects.

Envirologic meets the requirements of a Qualified UST Consultant (per Part 213 Leaking Underground Storage Tanks, Refined Petroleum Fund, of NREPA), and all projects involving UST cleanups are overseen by team members who meet the definition of a certified UST Professional. We work with and support multiple industries that own and operate USTs including manufacturing, transportation, petroleum, real estate, municipal, and others.

A step-by-step discussion of how Envirologic conducts UST removal and closure can be found in our article, “The UST Removal and Closure Process.” For more information on UST Site Assessments, a necessary element of UST closure, refer to our article, “What are the Site Assessment Requirements for a UST System?

The Michigan UST Corrective Action Fund was enacted on December 30, 2014. The Fund is managed by the Michigan Underground Storage Tank Authority (MUSTA), and its purpose is to provide financial assistance to remediate contamination caused by petroleum USTs. Envirologic is experienced in utilizing this Fund to perform UST closure activities. Fund and claim information can be found on the MUSTA webpage or by contacting our Environmental Investigation Group.


After fully understanding your needs, challenges, and end goals, Envirologic will partner with you to provide client-focused services. These services may include:

  • Pre-UST closure planning
  • Site assessment compliance
  • Release investigation and reporting
  • Management of UST and aboveground storage tank (AST) removal/ decommissioning
  • Leaking underground storage tank (LUST) reporting and corrective action
  • MUSTA Fund administration
  • Insurance claim management