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Vapor Intrusion Assessment & Mitigation

Envirologic offers vapor intrusion assessment and mitigation as part of its environmental investigation and remediation work.

If your business has had a chemical release or you have been involved in the transfer or purchase of commercial or industrial real estate, you are most likely aware of vapor intrusion (VI) and indoor air inhalation concerns.

VI is the migration of volatile and semi-volatile chemicals such as petroleum, industrial solvents, and mercury from buried wastes, contaminated soil, or groundwater into an overlying building at potentially harmful levels for occupants. Buildings that potentially have VI concerns include former dry cleaners, gasoline stations, petroleum storage facilities, and those used for industrial or manufacturing operations.

The presence of contaminants beneath or near a structure represents a potential risk that an unacceptable indoor air inhalation exposure may occur inside the structure. VI is therefore considered a contaminant exposure pathway (i.e., a method for an individual to come into contact with harmful levels of contaminants). Regardless of whether the owner or operator of a building retains cleanup liability for any environmental contamination, Michigan’s environmental regulations require that the owner or operator take measures to ensure there are no unacceptable risks to occupants of a facility.

Due to the costs associated with the investigation and mitigation of VI issues and, more importantly, the threat to human health and public safety, it is important that you have a thorough grasp of potential VI on your site.

An unacceptable VI exposure occurs when contaminants are present in indoor air at concentrations that could cause a risk to human health through inhalation and/or a risk to public safety through fire or explosion. An unacceptable VI exposure may occur not only on the property where a spill or release took place, but also in a business or residence on neighboring properties hundreds of feet away from the source property.

Envirologic’s experienced scientists and engineers are ready to educate your team and support your project through the entire VI assessment and mitigation process.


After fully understanding your needs, concerns, and end goals, Envirologic will partner with you to provide client-focused services. These services may include:

  • Soil and groundwater sampling
  • Soil gas/sub-slab vapor sampling
  • Indoor air sampling
  • Pressure field extension testing
  • Design and installation of sub-slab/ crawl space depressurization systems
  • Operation, Maintenance, and Monitoring (OM&M) Plan development and implementation