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Client Testimonials

Van Buren County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority

From Ed VanderVries | Utilizing Envirologic’s Brownfield Redevelopment Services

As the staff official and member of the Van Buren County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority from 2004-2017, I was fortunate to be one of the first group of members to help build the Authority. During that time, I met Jeff Hawkins, David Stegink, Erik Peterson, and many of the staff from Envirologic Technologies. The success of the VBC Brownfield Program is in no small part due to the professionalism and leadership provided by Envirologic Technologies in assisting our Authority to establish the policies and procedures to administer an effective redevelopment strategy in our County.

Envirologic assisted us with writing 5 successful EPA Grant requests totaling $1,000,000 in funding which in turn allowed the Authority to redevelop dozens of contaminated buildings and sites. The funding allowed us to work with developers to create over 500 jobs in our community and revitalize blighted and abandoned industrial sites rather than consume new green space in our County. The redevelopment of these sites also led to an ongoing funding source through the writing of 7 Brownfield Plans and the creation of a Revolving Loan Fund, allowing for future projects to be funded when grant opportunities are not always available.

I would highly recommend Envirologic Technologies to any community that wants to initiate a successful Brownfield Program. Envirologic Technologies will walk a new Authority though the maze of government paperwork and filing deadlines that would overwhelm most groups. As I continue to work with other government agencies, I bring Envirologic Technologies into the conversation early and often as I know the value their expertise will bring to the table.

Edward VanderVries, MMAO IV, PPE
Assessment Administration & Consulting Services

Equalization Director:
Oceana County

City of Portage & Marshall
Townships of Moran & Sheridan

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