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The Role of an Environmental Consultant

March 1, 2022

So you’re a consultant, what does that mean? What do you do? Why would I need your services? These are just a few questions Envirologic is asked when introducing ourselves as environmental consultants. In the following article, these questions and more are answered.

What are Environmental Consultants?

Consultants are experts in their respective fields; some common examples include accountants, attorneys, and business and financial consultants. Environmental consultants are experts in a myriad of environmental issues facing individuals, corporations, and municipalities every day.

What do Environmental Consultants do?

As an environmental consulting firm, Envirologic provides advice to clients and develops strategies to address environmental issues. For example, in our Brownfield Redevelopment services group, we advise and strategize with developers and municipalities to develop abandoned and/or contaminated property and identify programs to facilitate redevelopment. In our Environmental Investigation and Remediation services group, we develop strategies and work plans to clean up contaminated sites, as well as interface with regulatory agencies.

In addition to operating as a consultant, we also act on our advice and implement strategies. For example, after we develop a strategy to clean up a contaminated site, we implement the strategy using our staff of experts. We do the physical work, collect field data, interpret the data, and report it to project stakeholders. To complete a project, we implement a remedy, verify that it is successful, and obtain regulatory closure.

What is the Role of an Environmental Consultant?

Today more than ever, companies and municipalities are focusing their expertise on the core purpose of their business; they only employ the experts necessary to implement, maintain, and grow their vision. Other companies do have environmental experts on staff, but they may need to augment or add to that expertise from time to time. As an environmental consultant, Envirologic fills both areas of need.

Therefore, our role may be to solve an environmental problem as the sole expert or to augment in-house expertise to help solve the problem as a team. When the problem is solved, our work is complete.

Why Engage Envirologic as Your Environmental Consultant?

When additional expertise is needed to complete an environmental project or solve an environmental problem, Envirologic may be the most beneficial and affordable solution. Our staff are not employees of the company we are assisting, thereby saving on other resources such as payroll, training, etc. We come with the knowledge and experience to solve the problem.

What Should You Expect from Envirologic as Your Environmental Consultant?

Envirologic is comprised almost exclusively of scientists (geologists, biologists, chemists) and engineers, all with bachelor’s degrees and many with advanced degrees in their respective disciplines. We continually educate ourselves by attending workshops and conferences, reading industry journals, performing research, learning from and working with colleagues, taking additional classes, and solving problems. We have diverse experience that is commensurate with the problem to be solved, and we have the expertise to support the solution. Our staff’s soft skills are also extensive; we are able to effectively communicate, listen to a problem, and consistently deliver quality solutions. You can and should expect your environmental consultant to have all these qualities.

The advice and services provided by Envirologic are performed for a fee based on hourly billing rates, similar to all other types of consultants. The time that is spent giving advice and doing the work is our product. You can expect a proposal that details the services to be performed and associated costs, as well as an invoice, typically monthly, for the advice given and services performed.

Envirologic takes its role as an environmental consultant very seriously because our clients rely on us to help them solve critical problems. We love science and practicing our craft, and we strive to do good work for the good of our clients and community.

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